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Anthelmintic drugs in ayurveda or as a therapy have long been used for treating a wide variety of medical conditions in Europe. However, order to determine if tretinoin and tazarotene can reduce signs symptoms of inflammatory acne, we conducted a retrospective study using randomised controlled parallel design to determine the effects of two topical therapies—tretinoin and tazarotene—on inflammatory acne in a prospective randomised controlled trial. Methods Selection of population Study participants were recruited from a general medical practice for the control group (n = 1711); dermatologist referrals 1112) of patients with any acne were used as controls for the tretinoin and tazarotene groups (n = 1725 for each group). Written informed consents were obtained from all the patients and study was approved by the local ethics committee. A written informed consent was obtained from the participants before inclusion in either the tretinoin or tazarotene group. study was run from April 2006 to August 2012 in seven dermatology practices the western London area. All clinical investigations were performed between 10a.m. and 5p.m. The inclusion criteria were 1) presence of inflammatory acne lesion and 2) the presence of inflammatory lesions that were not accompanied by the presence of nodules on routine follow-up dermatological examination, or by lesions that did not resolve within 14 days without medical intervention. Tables 1 and 2 summarise the inclusion exclusion criteria. Those in the treatment group included those whose acne had occurred for at least 2 months; those with a history of dermatology treatments with tretinoin or isotretinoin for acne; patients with a history of dermatology treatments with topical retinoids except for tazarotene; and patients with an established medical condition associated history of inflammation such as acne, rosacea, or psoriasis. Table 1 Characteristic Patients in the tretinoin and tazarotene groups (treatment-naïve) Characteristic Patients in the control group (control-naïve) Age (years) 18 15–34 35–44 45–54 ≥55 Age at screening (years) 30 19–34 35–44 45–54 ≥55 Sex Male 862 1140 2880 3290 2160 4892 Female 434 667 accutane online in uk 1425 1873 957 1310 Ethnicity White 431 570 1537 1601 1115 1141 Black 0 10 25 50 66 75 Other 3 0 5 6 7 Ethnic origin (British versus other European) 517 513 1537 1604 1313 1605 Migrants 539 631 1349 1857 867 1455 Hospital and surgery centre London region 2 0 Northwest 1 North 514 1537 1601 1330 1513 South 521 1537 1604 1313 East 517 503 1537 1604 1313 Midlands 478 488 1534 1604 1295 1280 London accutane uk buy online and South east region 801 1405 1601 1293 1512 East Midlands 511 517 1537 1604 1314 1608 South East 498 494 1534 1604 1309 London and West region 731 727 1405 1601 1294 1504 West Midlands 477 486 1533 1605 1314 1608 West 528 539 1537 1604 1316 1513 NHS South East region 719 734 1405 1601 1294 1505 South West region 705 1440 1511 1305 NHS East Midlands region 707 1440 1511 1293 1512 East Midlands 477 487 1533 1604 1308 1517 West Midlands 478 485 1533 1604 1311 1516 NHS Midlands region 732 699 1405 1601 1293 1515 North Westregion 708 696 1405 1601 1293 1502 NHS Yorkshire and the Humber region 721 704 1405 1511 1293 1519 Table 2 Characteristic Patients in the tretinoin and tazarotene groups (treatment-naïve) Characteristic Patients in the control group (control-naïve) Age (years) 18 15–34 35–44 45–54 accutane uk buy ≥55 Age at screening (years) 30 19–34 35–44 45–54 ≥55 Sex Male 862 1140 2880 3290 2160 4892 Female 434 667 1425 1873 957 1310 Ethnicity White 431 570 1537 1601 1115 1141 Black 0 10 25 50 66 75 Other 3 0 5 6 7 Ethnic origin (British versus other European) 517 513 1537 1604 1313 1605 Migrants 539 631 1349 1857 867 1455 Hospital and surgery centre London region 2 0 Northwest 1 North 514.

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